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LARSN Conference - Monday 12th May 2014

Law and Religion Scholars Network Conference 2014

The next LARSN conference will be held at the Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff Law School, Museum Ave, Cardiff, CF10 3AX. Please see below some answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: When will the call for ‘papers’ be issued?
A: Early February 2014.  Please note that speakers at LARSN give presentations and there is scope for questions and answers afterwards.  As stated below, written papers are not required and the conference proceedings are not published.

Q: What is the deadline for submission of presentations?
A: 31st March 2014

Q: What is required for the submission of presentations?
A: A title and abstract of no more than 300 words.  We do not require a full text.

Q: What is the deadline for registration?
A: May 1st 2014

Q: Can I attend without giving a presentation?
A: Yes, attendees who are not presenting are very welcome.

Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: Yes, there is a conference fee of £20 This applies equally to speakers and attendees.

Q: What topics are appropriate for presentations?
A: Any subject relevant to the field of Law and Religion will be considered.

Q: Is there a minimum qualification for speakers?
A: It is an ‘open’ conference and all submissions will be welcomed and considered for inclusion.

Q: Are written papers required and are the proceedings published?
A: No, a full written text of presentation material is not required and conference proceedings will not be published. 

Q: How long should my presentation be?
A: Speakers will each have 15 minutes for presentations, followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers.

Q: Can/should I use Powerpoint?
A: Speakers are very welcome to use Powerpoint in their presentations, but it is by no means expected or compulsory. All speakers wishing to use Powerpoint must submit it by email by May 1st 2014.  Regrettably, we will not be able to accept Powerpoint presentations after this date. Neither electronic presentations in other formats e.g. Prezie.

Q: At what time will the conference start and end?
A: Registration will be at 10am and the final panel of presentations will end at 5pm.

Q: Where is the Law School?
A: A map and directions can be found on the Cardiff University website http://www.law.cf.ac.uk/aboutus/location.html

Q: Are refreshments provided?
A: Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided in the morning and afternoon and there will be a sandwich lunch.  There will of course be an opportunity to advise us of any special dietary requirements when registering.

Q: Can you provide any information about places to stay overnight in Cardiff?
A: Some helpful information can be found at www.visitcardiff.com

Law and Religion Teaching and Research Conference - Tuesday 13th May 2014

This will take place the day following LARSN conference and will also be held at the Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff Law School, Museum Ave, Cardiff, CF10 3AX.

The conference will be thematic and consist of three panels of presentations from specialist invited speakers.  The topics for the panels will be: The Teaching of Law and Religion; Law and Religion and Family Law and Individual and Collective Rights. After each presentation attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussion.  A full programme for the conference will appear on the website in the coming weeks.

The conference opens at 9am and will finish with some closing remarks at 3pm.  There will be a fee of £15 for attendees.

About LARSN: Controversies surrounding the wearing of Islamic dress, Catholic adoption agencies, and the status of Sharia law underscore the growing topicality and importance of law and religion. It is not surprising therefore that the last twenty years has seen the gradual development of law and religion as an area of academic study. The Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN) is designed to bring together for the first time academics who are interested in all areas of law and religion: national and international law affecting religion and religious law. The Network, an initiative of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff Law School, allows those interested in the field to share experiences and ideas, to build links in relation to both research and teaching and to reflect upon how law and religion can be promoted as a mainstream legal discipline.

Source: http://www.law.cf.ac.uk/clr/networks/lrsn3.html.